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for women only

Learn to see and love yourself with the self-timer and selfie.

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Discover your beauty and free yourself from all the prejudices that do not allow us to feel beautiful, that cause us great suffering, that limit our life.


Beauty  Charm  Eroticism  Sex Appeal.


Advertising and its chains.

Real beautiful or beautiful with filter?

Suffering from your physical appearance: it's time to stop!

Each of us has its own (external) beauty

Taking care of yourself: sport and nutrition, each of us has his own path.

Love and like each other  Learn to look at yourself

Wellness and health

This and much more in these two days to discover the self-portrait and the Selfie as a means to really see yourself.

We will photograph ourselves, we will see each other, we will discover ourselves unique and special!

About your body ... a little history

I started with the self-portrait almost immediately having picked up my first camera, at the time there was no digital and there were some practical limits, yet I photographed myself in the mirror, in the shop windows, or with a tripod, in study or in my rooms.

My career as a photographer has been long and full of experiences and lucky encounters.

The body, the naked body often, very often, were at the center of my shots.

Then came the social issues, issues related to the female situation, the study of marketing, communication, psychology and finally, tired of the deception of the media, of eating disorders, of the suffering that I always found in women because of their perception of their level of beauty, I decided to do a workshop that would reveal a few things to women, such as that the stereotype of beauty of the moment was a bluff designed by the media to push us to buy and never be satisfied, to generate needs, that the photos in the newspapers were all fake, that the imposed model did not exist ...

It was 2013 when I held my first workshops.

Then I continued for a couple of years, while my life was getting messed up, while due to a painful personal story, my self-esteem suffered severe blows, almost zeroing, where I let myself go almost without realizing it, where all my insecurity, my frailty, emerged overwhelmingly.

Since 2016, everything has changed, I managed to get out of a very delicate and painful situation, and I found myself, at 45, alone, with an aged and neglected body, a disastrous psychological situation and my whole life to be restored. place.

I decided to deepen the themes of beauty, self-esteem, well-being, determination, working on the causes that had led me to be in that bad situation.

I had a workshop for women, I had photography, my art and I started working on myself for two years, every day.

Everything happened, unhinging my beliefs, using photography, selfie and social media, it also happened that I did the Curvy model over 45, and still today I'm doing it for some brands.

I applied to myself everything I taught my pupils.

Today I present a new workshop, much richer, much more complete, experienced in my life, which starts from the photographic technique, from the philosophy of beauty, from self-care, from the study of communication, eroticism, sensuality up to unhinge that negative image we have of us, which I call our VISUAL PREJUDICE.

The workshop is for women only, for photographers and not, many photos are taken, self-portraits and selfies, and there is also a room available to participants to take nude photos in total privacy.

There is an Instagram account to follow where I share stories and posts


and on my website you will find the next dates on the calendar.

Feel free to write me for more info a

Good life to everyone!


During the workshop the participants will have a photo studio set up with flash and a professional camera that they will use in turn to create self-portraits.
For women only

What is needed:
a digital camera or smartphone, 
desire to get involved and everything you want to bring to create your portraits (shoes, hats, various accessories, clothes, make-up)

How much does it cost:
120 euros for two days
(for all Herbology customers 100 euros)

Vanessa Ruscis
whatsapp 392 9670076

Program of the days:

General format (The format may vary depending on the period and the place in which  is organized)
Workshop presentation

FRIDAY  21 hours

Open to all 

Workshop start

10 am

Lunch break 13.00 14.00

Shooting workshop
2.00 pm

End of workshop

Beginning of the workshop
10 am

Lunch break 13.00 14.00

Shooting workshop
End of Workshop


From instagram @varuscis my personal diary on About your body

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