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I help artists build a reputation online.

Artists need a specific type of communication, websites, social media management, contacts with galleries and curators.

How are photographs sold?

How are works of art sold?

How should a website be built for an artist or a photographer?

Know each other
To focus
Make concrete!

I don't promise you millionaire sales, nor immediate success.
However, I will give you the tools to move into the world of art
without illusions and with concrete actions.
Communication and marketing are the tools you need to achieve success today.

My services

Consultancy for artistic competitions, relations with galleries and artistic realities

Critical texts of the projects

Assistance in artistic projects

Coordinated image for artists: logo, website, art galleries, catalogs, brochures.

Photographic services for artists: professional photography to tell you
  and your works.

Web communication: Social media management for artists

Social management training courses for artists: learn how to manage your image on the web and on social networks

and everything you need for your business as an artist.

write me
artistic advice

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