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Art and Marketing ... mine is not a canonical path!

I believe in contamination, in breaking the rules.

I have studied and continue to study everything related to communication, photography, psychology, art.

My path is steeped in art and experimentation.

They define me as "Volcanic" for the simple fact that I can do many things in different areas by contaminating them.

This allows me to offer tailor-made services and products suitable for anyone who wants to grow and develop.





2021 Collaboration with Smart Photo California begins, Social project for experimental photography

2020 Collaboration with Bottega Bam Antonio Manta begins

2019 London Narrow Boat Project - Ealing Borrow 2018 The collaboration with Ipod Plays Rome begins

2018 Start Collaboration with NNC London Gallery as Talent Scout emerging artists and artist consultant

2017 Realization of the Rock: Chic & Shock photographic project for G Style's Siena

2016 Realization of the Spirit photo project for G Style's Siena

2016 Realization of the Dolls photographic project for Ts Grosseto

2015 London Instagram Reportage  for FlyLondon Shoes 

2015 Event for the commemoration of the death of Italo Calvino, at the Santa Maria della Scala Siena, vj set preparation for Buferauto Siena SIENA INVISIBLE CITY

2015 Design and Realization 50's photographic project for GStyle's Siena 

2015 Video production for the Tuscany Region WineFinger project for Expo 2016

2015  Realization Corporate image Serge genomics Siena

2014  Realization of the company reportage with smartphone and tablet for the TASSONIDAY day for the CEDRATA TASSONI company in Salò   


2014 The collaboration with the Galleria Senza Limite Arte, Colle di Val d'Elsa, begins, 
      for which he curates the Photography section,  archive and courses and communication. 
  He creates Collettivo Italiano and YC communication for the Made in Italy brand with guerilla marketing and Social marketig operations. It is one  

       for example, the “Tassoni mon Amour” campaign for Cedrata Tassoni. # tassonimonamour.
  Social team for Terra Futura Fortezza da Basso for the Tuscany Region
  Collaboration with Luar Shoes begins, designer Laura Lucci project, for artistic shoes. In November 2013 a

       installation performance on the shoe production process. Vj and installation in collaboration with Andrea Bassega, music  

       Fabio Santini and Nutone Lab.

2013  Social media Marketig Maremmans project for the relaunch of the Maremma brand
  Buferauto Siena Exhibition On Recycling in collaboration with the Contatto association and the Marconi Siena Technical Institute
  January Creation of an Anti-Smoking Campaign for teenagers with the patronage of the Tuscany Region in the High Schools of Foiano della Chiana, in collaboration with the municipality, WS of shooting on external sets, preparation of photographic sets, design and creation of lay out, post production. 
2012 December creates the images for the Fukyo image campaign for ErriGimetal Italia
2012 November “Synaesthetic and sensorial investigations” Foiano Photography IX EDITION
2012 September “Synaesthetic and sensorial investigations” Visions in Giallo Latina
2012 June "Synaesthetic and sensorial investigations" Scuolafotografia VanessaRusci in Linosa, Trapani, Erice
2012 May begins the collaboration with NUTONE LAB Rome for the realization of visual communication projects
2012 April “Synaesthetic and sensorial investigations in Chiusure” Biancane SRL Siena
2012 March WS “synaesthetic and sensorial investigations in Rome” IED FACTORY European Institute of Design Rome
2011 November Realization of a photo shoot
  PLONA (Sondrio) campaign image 
2011 November Realization of reportage Viedram Rome European Institute of Designer e
ROMAEUROPA Palladium Film Festival ROME
2011 November Reportage SOCIO PLAY with OTTAVIO ROSATI Roma Boys & Girl (SER.T ASL Siena)
2011 September Reportage of the 2011 Beer Village for And photo shoot event for testimonial of the 2011 2012 Birrerya campaign
2011 August Family Factor photo shoot (Arezzo) fashion.
2011 March Realization of the reportage in the Pharmaceutical house Synteco BIOTHEC, Digital Distiller.
2011 February Collaborates with DIGITAL DISTILLER TORINO in the creation of the coordinated image and photographic image study for the FF FAMILYFACTOR company.
2011 February Intervention within the State school of Murlo, with Fiaf and Riccardo Guardabasso Basic course approach to Photography.
2010 November creates materials for the “Marca Toscana” campaign for the TUSCAN SYSTEM FOUNDATION. I want to live like this.
2010 October Belvedere Festival Rome IED European Institute of Designers, Second festival on Visual Magazines and Art Book Official photographer of the event
2010 October Winner of the IF Innovation Festival Milano prize, shows Via Dante with blow-ups between Castello Sforzesco and Piazza Duomo
2010 May LPM Roma Live performing meeting “8 = open” Performance with the musician Fabio Santini, nuclear theme
2010 April With the MRK group he wins the LAGUNA prize for contemporary art at the arsenals of the Venice BIENNALE
2010 March He collaborates with the SER.T siena, the Boys and Girl project, the CON-TATTO association, on the “Ugo Ferretti” project on the themes of addiction and youth discomfort for which he creates the iconic image of the initiative.
2010 February Realizes the industrial reportage for the Pharmaceutical Company ARETA INTERNATIONAL Bio tech
2010 February Vjing the frontier of harm reduction. (evenings in Italian clubs offering a vjing on the line of value creation). Perugia, Florence, Pavia.
2010 January Photography Seminars collaboration Le Biancane
            Photography and creativity
Reportage: new images for photojournalism
Women: different views on photography
Synesthesia and creativity.
2009 September Campaign on the problem of alcohol abuse presented inside the Beer Village "C'entra!"
2009 March October Organization and holding photographic course 1 and 2 level Photography and creativity at the Mediateca of Asciano Siena. Workshop Approach to photography through the 5 senses "photographing with the body" emotion and visual perception.
2009 April With the MRK group he realizes the KU show for the LPM Live Performer meeting event in Rome Centro Brancaleone
2009 April June Collaboration with the Eurolegno company for the MYFLOOR campaign, an advertising campaign in the cities of Genoa, Alessandria, Novara, Turin, Milan that uses images of the artistic work HANDS AND FACES OF THE WORLD on the problem of integration and racism in Italy.
2009 May Intervention on eating disorders in the middle school of Rapolano Terme, in collaboration with the Biancane Association.
2009 January March Collaboration with the ARETA company for the creation of a report on pharmaceutical production and research
2008 Finalist selected for the Teatri del Sacro competition, final 25 April 2009 Rome With the show "Eva" interreligious dialogue Dance and vjing
2008 Bibbiano Beer Village "photography work shop" Beer and Creativity "set up and realization of the" L'holmia "student exhibition
2008 Collaborates with the choreographer dancer Stefania Tacconi and creates the show "Ku" Theater dance and vijng
2008 He holds photography courses and workshops collaborating with the Mediateca of Asciano Coop Le biancane according to his own method Approach to photography through the 5 senses
2007 September Collaboration in the “Villaggio della Birra” anti-alcohol campaign.
2007 2012 March Collaboration with FEFE project, contemporary art magazine, linked to the IED in Rome, starts creating reportage photos during events (Film Roma Festival, LPM vjing, Performance Ara Pacis Roma, Festival Visual magazine 09)
2006 September Organization and participation in “Corrente” Third edition in Buonconvento in collaboration with Alessandra Poggialini and Manuel Masciello, Sangsin Jeong (collaborator of the Asia Museum in Daejeon in Korea with the patronage of the Municipality.
2005 October Creation in Belgium of a new reportage on the world of Belgian beer for
2005 September internship at Associazione Continua of S. Gimignano as assistant to the artist Alberto Garutti for the "untitled" work for the tenth edition of "Arte all'Arte"
2005 August Organization and participation in “Corrente, underground event, second edition in Buonconvento in collaboration with Alessandra Poggialini and Barbara Zammitti and with the patronage of the Municipality.
2005 August III ° Workshop "Approach to photography through the 5 senses" with the collaboration of the photographer Leslie Smith.
2005 February collaboration with Ghesio Artigrafiche creates artistic posters for a well-known Brunello producer for participation in VinItaly.
2005 January organization and creation of the image campaign of the company
2004 October creation of artistic panels and corporate reportage with the ConTesta Lucca studio for the company San Lorenzo, Brunello, Montalcino Siena
2004 August II ° Workshop "Approach to photography through the 5 senses" Sponsored by the municipality of Buonconvento
2004 May production in Belgium of the second reportage on the world of beer for the importer
2004 April poster for "Artesonora" Tuscan record company for emerging young people.
2004 March cover of the cd TerraFerma by the rock band Corsodopera.
2004 January the photographs of the town of Buonconvento are included in the guide to the most beautiful villages in Italy
2003 December director of photography at the shooting of the short film “Specchio” independent production by Giammarco Sanmarco in Rome.
2003 November photo shoot for the company "Milletrame" House of production and packaging of hemp garments, for the magazine "ItalyItaly" of NewYork
2003 November "WOM" record company of Grosseto for the realization of some covers for emerging groups CDs.
2003 October reportage in Belgium on the production of beer in small Brasseries, commissioned by Gianni Tacchini - Village of Beer and
2003 September collaboration with MP Records of Rome for coordinated and creative images of musical projects.
2003 August catalog “Il moto Immobile” by the sculptor Mario Nardi
2003 August organization of the 1st Workshop "Approach to photography through the 5 senses" Sponsored by the municipality of Buonconvento.
2003 June Ghesio graphic arts studio in Siena and Anna Ferrara to create brochures for the Crete Senesi Festival. Sensory photographic research.
2003 June organization together with a group of eight other young people the T-UNE event, in Milan, the event opens a private condominium, which for the occasion exhibits 17 works by young emerging artists, without changing the nature of the rooms in which the works are exhibited. Event that will be repeated for two years with the support of the great Italian art magazines.
2003 April Salone del mobile Milano, with UI Fondazione Industria. Study and preparation of the market exhibition in favor of Comunità Nuova Onlus Don Gino Rigoldi Location: the Milan Triennale.
2002 December Creative Workshop for Cosmopolitan and Wella, Milan, UI Fondazione Industria Progetto "Trend of 2010. The future of beauty, of fashion, of romance and of luxury."
2002 November reportage on the Molise earthquake from which the work "All that remains ..."
2002 August catalog "Revelations of Nontempo" by the painter Charaka Simoncelli for the exhibition at the Muky Loggetta del Trentanove Gallery in Faenza (Ra)
2002 April SOS Design Salone del Mobile Milano, with UI Fondazione Industria. Study and preparation of the market exhibition in favor of Emergency. In collaboration with Connexine, a Design Management company. On this occasion I take some photographs that are sold in favor of Emergency and published on the “Virtual Gallery” site, section curated by Emanuela De Cecco.
2001 2002 record company ISMA record (Rome) for the realization of an emerging youth image campaign
2001 August Labriola Group for the organization of the party for the 70th anniversary of activity, creating a book on the history of the group
2001 January assistant to a social reportage in Puglia, with the photographer Cinzia Canneri.
1999 January photo for the cd of the CB vocal sister of Carla Baldini with the participation of Giorgio Albertazzi, a collaboration that will then lead in July to the realization of the show "Vele di maremma" of which he takes care of the scenographies, using the techniques of multi-projection of images .
1998 Legambiente for the realization of the photographic service relating to Festambiente in the province of Grosseto
1997 Wanted magazine (provincial newspaper of Grosseto) creating covers and photo-articles.


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