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Art & Food

I've been photographing food for many years... 

Companies, professionals, restaurants...

here is a selection of the shots I love most!

Onion and kandnskij Vanessa Rusci

Photographing food is definitely an art form.
I talked about the food of great chefs, restaurant menus, products of great pastry chefs, pasta, oil, Italian wines.
All while thinking of campaigns that were inspired by the creations of the great artists of art history.

Food photographer Vanessa Rusci Restaurants
Food photography Vegetables Vanessa Rusci

For the boldest clients and for the bravest projects I have created


I am an expert in communication and perception and so I create original images with bizarre cuts that can attract attention and support and underline the concept
of the countryside.

Extreme Food Vanessa Rusci
Be ECTRE ME campaign Vanessa Rusci food photography
Vanessa Rusci EXTREME FOOD

There's oil!
Olive oil campaign Tuscan 2018 Lazzeretti Montalcino company

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