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Business Team

Business team

Manage your reputation and your social networks online - Online or in-company course.

Manage your social media from within.

When I am asked to manage a company's social networks, I suggest creating an internal social team.

This is in my opinion the only truly effective solution for achieving results.

I help companies choose the members of the social team, prepare them and supervise them over time, helping them to develop effective communication projects.

The course includes 5 meetings lasting 1.30 hours

plus personal meeting for each participant

 3 - 5 Participants

Manage your reputation and your social networks online
for artists and photographers 

Shadow Show

Social communication for Artists:

Musicians, Photographers, Painters, Performers, Filmmakers, Dancers and all artistic expressions.

The course includes 5 2-hour meetings.

We will develop a web communication plan specific to the participant's skills.

I will accompany him in the implementation and instruct him on the functioning of social media according to his needs.

Course for a single participant.

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